Christine was always active and a regular at my local gym and keen yoga enthusiast but a persistent knee injury changed all that. No longer able to sustain high impact exercise, she starting looking for something that would keep her fit and healthy without putting strain on the damaged knee. She had heard about Tai Chi but had no idea of the effect this low impact, gentle, flowing art form would have on her health and fitness, bringing with it peace of mind and calmness to her overactive and exhausted mind! From that first Tai Chi session, Christine has never looked back. Her joint mobility has improved, ligaments and muscles more flexible than when she was a gym-bunny and she sleeps like a log because Tai Chi is sometimes called “Meditation in Motion”.

So, if you are stressed out, need to improve your fitness but think you’ve tried them all, why not give Tai Chi a chance? What have you got to lose? You could be in for a surprise!

Christine is a qualified instructor of the East-West Taoist Association and fully insured via MartialGuard.